T Winand is a computer software professional and analyst with 24 years’ experience in program design and development, data management, statistical analysis and reporting.  T has fifteen years of programming, statistical analysis and modeling experience with SAS – fourteen of those years as a Systems Engineer, Senior Systems Engineer and Technical Account Manager at SAS.  For the majority of his time at SAS, T has focused his efforts on helping organizations achieve value and growth through the effective use of analytics: statistical analysis, descriptive and predictive data mining, text mining, forecasting, and model management.  While at SAS, T has worked with leading organizations across many different industries but has spent seven years working exclusively with Health and Life Sciences organizations.  In addition, T has complementary expertise with SAS capabilities that support the complete analytical lifecycle: data integration & management, data exploration, operationalization, and business intelligence.  Finally, in recent years, T has helped several large organizations modernize their SAS architectures to achieve greater speed, flexibility and scale, to improve processes and utilization of resources, and, ultimately, to improve value.  T graduated from Cornell University and has an MBA from Kellogg, Northwestern University.